8 Steps To A Renewed Canvas Wig Making Block

Who here has a perfectly clean wig block? Don’t lie to yourself now lol.

I always start out with a perfect clean canvas wig block but by week five the forehead is covered in lace tint and stained by foam mousse.

One time I noticed my wig block was looking a little gray. I was curious so I took a closer look and to my horror it looked like mold 😩.

Don’t judge me, because you know you have been here before.

We get so caught up in the love of Wig Making we forget to protect and look after our precious canvas wig block.

Here is my step-by-step guide to preserving your current Wig block and ensuring that your brand new Wig block does not end up looking like a hot, dirty mess!

Step 1:

Turn your wig block upside down and immerse under running water.

Step 2:

Once completely saturated, apply a generous amount of Clorox Cleaner spray (with bleach.)

Step 3:

Immediately, use a hard bristle brush. I bought mine from the dollar store and scrub away all stains.

Step 4:

Once all the stains have disappeared, (keep the canvas wig block upside down) and rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Press along the wig block as you rinse as you may have mousse and hair product embedded in the wig block.

Step 5:

Place the Wig block upside down, outside in the sun and allow excess water to drain.

Step 6:

Place Wig block under a hairdryer for at least 45 minutes. This is crucial to ensure that the wig block completely dries and does not breed bacteria.

Step 7:

Use some saran wrap and wrap the wig block to completely cover it. Feel free to use quilting pins to hold the saran wrap in place if it doesn’t stick.

And that’s it! Ensure that you do this every time you purchase a brand new canvas wig block and you will never have an ugly wig block again.

Need help taking the next step?


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