When Making Wigs And The First Bundle Runs Out

About halfway into our hands-on wig making class, my students often ask me a question… “What do you do when your bundle runs out?” and “How do you attach a new bundle?”

If, like my students, you’ve wondered what to do when you run out of your first bundle, don’t panic because this blog is for you.

Here’s how to perfectly attach a new piece of weft to your wig cap so that the joinery is seamless.

When Your Bundle Runs Out, Follow These Steps:

1. Once you approach the end of the weft, use the reverse stitch to secure the weft and prevent unraveling.Attaching a weft when your bundle runs out

2. If you’re working with a brand new bundle, then unravel it.

3. Lift up the presser foot and position the new weft under the presser foot so that the two separate wefts make contact. 

4. When the presser foot hinders your visibility, reverse back in order to get a better view.

5. Once the end of two wefts are touching, lower your presser foot and start sewing back and forth to secure the joinery. (Reverse 2 times)

6. Finally, continue sewing the weft, ensuring the wig cap is flat as you sew.

Use these simple steps when making your wig to ensure your weft joinery is seamless and secure. 


I recorded a quick YouTube short explaining this in more detail. Watch it here.

Pro Tip: When making a wig on a ventilated wig cap (the wig cap with the plastic) you must end your stitch on the elasticated panel. This is because the weft needs to be anchored to the wig cap fabric in order to provide security and a seamless finish.

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