13 Highly Recommended Wig Making Supplies

Here are the 13 highly recommended wig making supplies that can make or break  your wig making. Wig making on the sewing machine is a special skill that has become increasingly popular in the past 5 years within the hair community. The use of the sewing machine allows you to create a customized fit for your client. It also guarantees quality and durability. 

But how do you start out making wigs on the sewing machine? What wig making supplies are needed to get started? 

I receive this question almost daily. Most people want to know what the essentials are…what type of sewing machine to use, what thread works best, what type of canvas block to buy…the list goes on.

Trying to figure out the right tools for yourself can be very overwhelming. Using the wrong supplies can also be detrimental to your wig making. Did you know that using the wrong type/size wig block can completely change the outcome of your frontal wig?

That’s why I compiled this highly requested list of sewing supplies to help you avoid overwhelm and costly mistakes.

In this video, I’ll go through all the wig making supplies I highly recommend when making wigs on a sewing machine.

No matter your budget, these are the essentials.

These are the same wig making supplies I recommend for my paying clients who take my in-person and online wig making courses. I’ll also tell you why Singer is my favorite sewing machine for making wigs.

This wig making supplies list is all you need to commence your wig-making journey.

Need help taking the next step?


I currently offer Online Wig Making Classes where you can learn at your own pace. You’ll learn how to start a business making wigs on the sewing machine.

If you’re interested in working more closely with me, you can apply for my 1:1 in-person class.



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