How to Set Up a Sewing Machine for Wig Making

If you’ve never used a sewing machine before, the idea of figuring out how to set up a sewing machine for wig making might be very daunting. I’m going to explain how to thread your sewing machine correctly so that you do not have any issues when making your wig.


Firstly, when you set up a sewing machine for wig making you must use the correct type of thread. I recommend Polyester thread as it’s fine and doesn’t shed excess fluff into your bobbin case.


Next, ensure you have the right tension setting. I find a tension between 3 and 4 is ideal on my Singer Sewing Machine. Once sewing starts, check the stitch to ensure the tension is optimal.


As a rule of thumb, I always use a zig-zag stitch for Mesh Dome caps and full netted wig caps.  For the ventilated caps, I use a straight stitch due to the plastic on the cap.Wig Making Supplies Checklist Free Downlaod


On the Singer Heavy Duty, I use the longest stitch length and a stitch length of between 5 and 6.


To successfully set up your sewing machine, you must wind the bobbin.  Always ensure that you have the right type of bobbin for the sewing machine that you are using as some bobbins come in a standard size but some may be customized for the particular sewing machine brand. To be safe, always use a bobbin that matches the machine brand. To correctly wind your bobbin, your foot must be pushed all the way down on the pedal; this will ensure the thread winds evenly and tightly.


Once the bobbin is wound you will carefully follow the numbering on the sewing machine.  The majority of machines have a numbered diagram that will assist you in which direction to go. One part of the threading process that is often missed is the final hook before the needle. It is essential that you grab the thread as if you were flossing your teeth and glide it into the final hook before pushing it through the eye of the needle.  Failure to thread any of these parts will result in irregular stitch patterns caused by tension issues. In this video, you can watch the full step-by-step guide on how to thread a sewing machine.  The sewing machine used in the video is the Singer Tradition 2277.

Need help taking the next step?


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