Struggling Doubling Your Wefts?

Did you know you can cut your wig making time in half by  doubling your wefts? 

Let me walk you through it…

Doubling your wefts will cut your wig making time in half plus it adds much needed volume to the back of your wig (especially when you’re making a long lace front wig).

Have you heard of an open toe presser foot? The open toe presser foot keeps the wefts contained so you can double your wefts speedily and effortlessly.

For doubling weft in wig making, using an open toe presser foot is the best choice for me.

I’m going to explain how this little piece of metal will get you doubling your wefts like a professional and make you enjoy creating wigs more.

Using a sewing machine with the right presser foot can make a difference in your wig making as it can help you make wigs easier and take off the struggle in doubling your wefts.

The advantages of using a sewing machine with an open toe presser foot to double your wefts, it can reduce the time it takes to make your wig and add volume without cap shrinkage.

It can also help you to increase your wig output by cutting your wig construction time in half while creating a fuller wig density throughout your wig especially at the back.

If you don’t know how to attach the open toe presser foot to your sewing machine or use it to double your weft easily. Good news, we offer a mini course for this!

In this course, you’ll learn how to use the sewing machine to double your wefts, and you will also learn how to attach the open toe presser foot to your sewing machine.

Learn how to easily double your wefts without overwhelming yourself. Start doubling your wefts immediately by watching the tutorial for $27!

Need help taking the next step?


I currently offer Online Wig Making Classes where you can learn at your own pace. You’ll learn how to start a business making wigs on the sewing machine.

If you’re interested in working more closely with me, you can apply for my 1:1 in-person class.



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