4 Misconceptions About Taking A Wig Making Class

Wig makingSome wig makers are hesitant to take a wig classes because they believe they need “special qualities” to take a wig class. That’s why in this blog, we’ve listed a few myths that aspiring wig makers should stop believing when they think of taking a wig class.

Myth 1

You do not have to be a licensed cosmetologist in order to be a wig maker. If you happen to be a licensed cosmetologist, then this is a bonus! 

Wig suppliesYou don’t have to make contact with someone’s head to make them a wig. You would come in contact if your’e fitting the wig on them. To kick- start your Wig Making journey, you can make money making wigs to sell online. 

All you need to do is have an interest in Wig Making and take a reliable class that will give you the blueprint to making wigs, such as Fablux Wig Making class.

Myth 2

Whether you decide to learn online or in person, you will receive adequate instructions on how to operate your sewing machine and be successful in your Wig Making. 

During the hands-on Wig Class, we spend time practicing the sewing skills. 

Wig MakingI always ensure that I demonstrate first and then you follow. At all times you are following me close by and no one is left behind. 

With the online classes, you have up to six months to master the skill. The great thing about the online class is that you can rewind and pause and work at your own pace. 

The only thing I ask of you after you take either of the fablux wig making classes is to keep practicing to get better and better.

Myth 3

It’s never too late to start adding Wigs to your Service offering. Having all that experience under your belt is an advantage and will ensure that the styling of your wigs are on point. Let’s take my past student for instance. There are hundreds other women just like her who have taken the brave step of adding Wigs to their business after 20+ years of being a hairstylist. She was a stylist of 30 years and attended a previous wig class in Atlanta.  She already has a customer base and this is a great start. By adding lace frontal and closure Wigs to her business she will give her customers a new service they need. She will also increase her income by providing wig making services. 

Myth 4

You can attend a Fablux Wig Making class even if you’ve never used a sewing machine before. You do not need sewing experience in order to participate in any of the online or hands-on Wig Making Classes. In the online classes there is a whole module dedicated to sewing practice. It guides you through sewing machine set up, machine settings for making wigs, basic sewing practices and troubleshooting your sewing machine. It shows you how to thread your sewing machine, how to wind the Bobbin and how to position your hands when you’re sewing in order to avoid “waves” in your lace front wig.

Wig Making Classes

You don’t have to be a licensed cosmetologist in order to be a wig maker, you just need to have the passion and a reliable course to get you started.

During the hands-on classes you can record, make notes, take pictures and you will receive the blueprint to the class all you have to do is make sure you practice.

So remember, it’s never too late. You’ll hit the ground running if you already have years of experience as a hairstylist/cosmetologist. Because you already know how to cut color and style your wigs.

You’ll receive pre-course information plus a sewing class at the start of the workshop so you don’t have to be worried that you need to know everything going into this class.

So now that you know that none of these points should stop you from making your own brand of wigs, what’s holding you back? Let me know in the comments.

Need help taking the next step?


I currently offer Online Wig Making Classes where you can learn at your own pace. You’ll learn how to start a business making wigs on the sewing machine.

If you’re interested in working more closely with me, you can apply for my 1:1 in-person class.



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