Tips on sewing combs to your lace front wig

What are your views on sewing wig combs to your wig? Do you install wig combs to your lace wigs or do you only use an adjustable elastic band?

There is a big debate on whether combs should be used in Wigs or not. I think if combs are used correctly they can fulfill their purpose of keeping your wig secure on your head, however, if not positioned correctly in your wig it can damage your hairline and cause irreparable hair loss.

Whether you agree with wig combs or not. Here are 3 tips that will help you to sew wig combs to your lace wig.

While not mandatory, I suggest sewing one comb at the back of your lace frontal wig when you’re making your wig so that you will have an anchor at the back of your wig.

  1. If you need more combs in your wig, I suggest you sew them above and away from the temples of your hair. This will position them in a spot where the hair is not so delicate – away from the temple ie the delicate side of your head.
  2. Go slowly when attaching the comb to your wig cap so that you do not break your needle and cause injury to yourself. [Believe me, this almost happened to me before😢] Step very lightly on the foot pedal and use the hand wheel on your sewing machine to control the speed.

If you decide not to use combs in your wig, there are other options such as an adjustable elastic band.

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